Market ssets to watch from Oanda FX Trader

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2015)

Market ssets to watch from Oanda FX Trader

Available assets to watch from Oanda FX Trade (assume to be the same as API)

All major currency pairs as well as:

Brent Crude Oil, Europe 50, US Nas 100, US Wall St 30, US T-Bond, Swiss 20, Corn, Hong Kong 33, Natural Gas, Singapore 30, Soybeans, US 2y T note. Wheat, Palladium,Silver/CHF, Silver JPY, Gold/GBP, Gold/SGD, Bund, France 40, Netherlands 25, US SPX 500, US 5y T note, West Texas Oil, Gold/CAD, Silver/NZD, Gold/HKD, Gold, Palladium, Germany 30, Japan 225, Sugar,  US Russ 2000, Australia 200, US Russ 2000, US 10Y T note, Silver/AUD, Silver/SGD, Gold/CHF/ Gold/JPY, Gold/Silver,

These should be enough to start with for forex and Major commodities!

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