Demo videos of RSI MATLAB Simulink model with C source

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2015)

Demo videos  of RSI MATLAB Simulink model with C source

These are demos with videos and source code samples for an RSI systematic model from a few years ago. This is from my Premium section but any member can look for the keyphrases of the following.

Look for the following for downloads in Premium section:

Simple demo of PInvoke from C# to a Simulink code generated c++ DLL

Demo on how to generate simple Simulink DLL from code generation with CLR for DotNet
Simulink model:

Step 3 of building RSI MATLAB Simulink model with C code generation

First Simulink RSI model with Stateflow and code generated C source code

Video demos:

Working demo of IQFeed real time market data fed into Simulink model with order decision to TWSLink2 and Interactive Brokers

Demo of TWSLink2 with Interactive Brokers TWS and Simulink model with ZeroMQ messaging

Demo C# ZeroMQ subscriber realtime IQFeed Simulink mode against Interactive Brokers TWS

Demo of C# call with PInvoke to Simulink code generation C++ model

Step 1 of building RSI MATLAB Simulink model with no Stateflow chart

Step 2 of building RSI MATLAB Simulink model with debugging Stateflow chart

Demo video of how to configure and launch debugging session of Simulink Model and Stateflow chart

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