12 new databases from Quandl FREE Data

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2015)

12 new databases from Quandl FREE Data

We have three new databases for institutional and professional users:

Dry Bulk Freight Forwards Rates

We now offer dry bulk freight forward rates for the major vessel classes. Published by MP Maritime, this database is powered by feeds from FIS sourced continuously from traders all over the world.  This data is valuable, exceptionally difficult to get and the daily update time of 18.45 GMT means it is also extremely timely.  History to 2008.

US Corporate Bonds

Quandl now provides fair-value EOD prices, yields, spreads, DV01s and other metrics for over 13,000 corporate bonds sourced directly from FINRA TRACE by our newest premium vendor, DelphX.  9 years of history means this database can be used as a definitive reference for research or auditing.  The timely 4pm ET update schedule gives institutions an MTM solution at a price 5 to 10 times lower than other providers.  You have trial access»
Point-in-time Earnings Estimates

Quantopian contestants and other alpha-seeking quants take note:  Zack’s newest database offers point-in-time earnings estimates for 5000 companies on a quarter-by-quarter basis back to 2009.  Whatever signals are buried in consensus earnings estimates and their trends can be gleaned from this unbiased historical database.  You have trial access»

Open Data News We have 9 brand new, beautifully organized and completely free cross-country databases from the United Nations Statistical Division, covering Commodity Production, Commodity Trade, Energy, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Gender Statistics, Pollution, Information + Communication Technology, and World Tourism.  We will be adding more databases from UNSD soon.

Around the Web:

– Denes Csala built an interactive data plotter using Quandl and NVD3.
– Aakash Gupta built a Shiny app for technical charting of the Indian stock market.
– Derek Braid built a Meteor app with working ticker search, for the Canadian market.
– Ari Lamstein used Shiny to build boxplots, maps and graphs of violent crime in the US.
– Lekker Logic created and easy-to-use commodity charter using Charts.js and PHP.
– Quinn-Curtis have built a powerful and comprehensive charting package with Quandl as a core data source.
If you’ve built something interesting using Quandl data, please do share!
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