Would you Use this Futures Trading Systems Collection for Retail or Day Trading Systems like Tradestation or Multicharts

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2015)
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Would you Use this  Futures Trading Systems Collection for Retail or Day Trading Systems like Tradestation or Multicharts

Would you Use this Affordable Futures Trading Systems Collection for Retail Systems like Tradestation or Multicharts

This was sent from a local Meetup follower but I am holding back on these kind of systems as I don’t know. I will stick with my Trade Manager for now What is your view on these kind of future system?

What is your general opinion on these type of systems?


Tower Research founder Mark Gorton is HFT modern god as he is hiring like a mad man

These HFT founders looks solid compared to others. He was a developer of the infamous Lime Wire network but also built out Lime Brokerages. As this brokerage became the goto one for smaller HFT shops, I did not know he was connected to this shop:

Go through these career postings including the tech ones which specifically identifies what they use (that is fascinating a no one else does this I have seen)

Here are the latest posting for my Elite members:

Black scholes continued, the Delta effect

Very cool!


P.S. As usual, I posted some not so pretty looking US housing data on my Facebook, check it out


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