Would you be part of this crowd funded hedge fund?

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2015)
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Would you be part of this crowd funded hedge fund?

Quantopian On Quantitative Finance and the Crowd article.

T o be honest, I don’t trust how my algo gets stored no matter who you talk to. These guys at Quantopian seem to be decent but just call me paranoid! Only take records that be verified from your trading brokers, no one else! It still needs to get vetted by  a lawyer as explained here by a lawyer for Tim Sykes claims. You have been warned or be the fool to be played.

I asked Mr. O’Neal what due diligence he would have to do to verify the claims made by Mr. Sykes. Mr. O’Neal told me that, if retained to do a professional investigation, he would need to review the following documents, among others:

1) Brokerage account records of all of Mr. Sykes’ trading records over the time period. This includes not only the trades he publishes for his followers but all other trades. This is to verify that the records Mr. Sykes publishes are not just a subset of the overall trading he does (i.e., the subset with the largest profits).

2) For each trade, a trade confirmation. An analysis of these confirmations would determine whether the trades were in fact made and executed, rather than just being a list of trades that the strategy suggests should have been made.

3) All commissions, markups and markdowns that occurred on the trades. This is important because profits are negatively affected by trade costs. Mr. Sykes’ returns should be calculated net of costs.



Quantopian would need to go thru this exact same vetting process to convince me

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