The Exact plan for you hold PhD Masters Student or Indie Trader for close to instant HFT quant successful gratifications

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2015)

I am preparing my re-launch of this QuantLabs.net Premium Membership. This targets:

  1.   Day and retail traders who want to automate and control 100% of the infrastructure and strategies including remote servers tagged as clou
  2.   Students at either PhD or Masters level
  3.  Those living overseas who cannot afford our Elite service  (more to come in a coming weeks on that)
  4.   Anyone who wants to jumpstart their trading infrastructure for an indie trading business while you control every aspect of your operation and technical environment!

 Is this you?

Here are more things that needed to be addressed via a few questions I keep getting on my Facebook group:

Another highly popular question for all those students who want to get beyond noob. You deserve to be one step above those.

Read my rationale and exact answers for this re-launch here

So I am working a spreadsheet that you can use as your road map to get you instantly up and running FAST! This is with source code believe it or not. I did stress control above correct?

I even provided an example for my Elite but you can check it out here


That ain’t enough?

AFFORDABLE Premium Membership with hundreds of videos for technical learning and quant trading idea generation


Guess what? As I rework the ‘new’ Premium Membership, I will be taking inventory on all algorithms and technology videos for you all. This is part of Treasure Trove I have online available to any person who wants a more affordable way to learn how I do automated trading and trading strategy idea generation. There are hundreds of these videos so it may take a while so patience is needed. I will post the spreadsheet of this no different I did for my Elite members. These exercises are very eye opening for all involved including me! This will be the last time I am doing this as there is nothing else to take inventory on.


I mention this here

Once again, I have posted these private research charts in my Facebook profile:

See money flow into high-yield bond over the last month

  • You can see OPEC point of view with projected oil demand versus OPEC and US shale production
  • Sweden Denmark in Spain have the highest real stock market return against GDP growth for develop markets between 1980 to 2010
  • South Africa Brazil Chile Hong kong have highest stockmarket returns versus GDP growth for merging markets between 1980 to 2010.
  • Microsoft is beating Apple and one thing: bond sales


Now remember I got my Elite service? Within the next 5 weeks, you can expect a $500 price increase. The first one if $250 coming this Monday Feb 6.


This same service will contain all my solutions for an upcoming set of tools that include the most advanced trade charting you cannot get elsewhere, an extremely power market exchange that simulates banks, market makers, and indie traders for your stress testing trading ideas, and most of all these two SYSTEMATIC DYNAMICALLY CHANGING SELF ADAPTING trading ideas:

  1. Dynamically monitor trading pairs handpicked from within the US markets. This will be an enhanced version of my Analytics service that is currently running now! I will be able to pretty well choose any market or asset with this technique pretty well.
  2. After the recent Futures/Options course, a system that will dynamically watch in real time the supply and demand of any future or option of my choice! Actually, a system will choose it. This will use the most the advanced 3D charting in real time to analyze the markets for pricing behavior and market trading.


As a result, this Elite membership will be having its price increase frequently this year. So again, get in the action now while it is somewhat more affordable today! Much hardware and technical knowhow is being brought in coming weeks to make this all happen.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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