Should I bet the farm on Apple Mac OSX for future risk management and portfolio optimization with Java and Matlab?

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2015)

Should I bet the farm on Apple Mac OSX for future risk management and portfolio optimization with Java and Matlab?

With the weak numbers from Microsoft, and surging growth in Apple product, should we bet our farm on Apple technologies with our next cycle of critical trading software components?

Since last week;s financial numbers from both companies, it seems Apple is definitely strengthening with their mobile devices with stellar numbers. As for Microsoft, It does not look bright especially they will now be offering free Windows 10 editions. Is that desperation to stay relevant? Is the market pretty well moving away from Microsoft technologies despite their use on Mono and Linux technologies?

If you know I have always loved Microsoft and .NET product over the years, it is easy to install and maintain. The problems lies in the future of this technology. Apple numbers are increasing even on my own site of 20% of Mac and IOS combined. Windows has been dropping over the years to the current rate of 66%. As I watch more and more Youtube videos, developers are moving towards Apple Mac OSX and even Linux Desktop for their tools.

As I am looking at more major software components like risk management and portfolio optimization, I am looking at combing them with this pretty good Trade Manager which is Java based.  I plan to use Matlab for these risk management and portfolio optimization pieces which is cross platform including Apple OSX support. The new Java FX 2 platform I must say is a huge improvement but still needs loads of maturing.

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Here are some broker examples for Apple supported languages like:




Interactive Brokers:


ava to Socket Professional Very robust and reliable; high performance. Available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux.

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