MATLAB Virtual Conference, 25 March

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2015)


Agenda announced for MATLAB Virtual Conference, 25 March

25 March
MATLAB Virtual Conference 2015 is a free online event featuring live sessions on MATLAB and Simulink by experts from around the world.
The conference features two keynote presentations. In the first, I will discuss the technologies driving change in the way engineers and scientists work. In the second, Edward Byrns of MunichRe Weather and Commodity Advisors will talk about the reinsurance company’s use of MATLAB to enable complex weather and commodity trades and support market and quantitative research.

Following the keynotes, you’ll find sessions from MathWorks experts and industry users on a range of topics, including:
•      How data analytics leads to greater insights and better business decisions
•      How to develop effective analytics using MATLAB, and integrate them into business systems
•      How MathWorks customers successfully use MATLAB to build and deploy analytical models

MATLAB Virtual Conference 2015 Preview

See what you can expect at this year’s conference.

Participating Partners

•      COMSOL
•      EUtech
•      Polarion Software
•      United Electronic Industries



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