Lose with Metatrader forex? Win with Matlab

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2015)
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Lose with Metatrader forex? Win with Matlab

Here is a Facebook commenter on how he feels about this Metatrader on this questionable million dollar strategy video. Thanks to to him for commenting

I would be very sceptical about this. Backtesting in Metatrader is good enough when you don’t need to use the tick data and real market spread. In other words, backtesting based on 1M timeframe and higher. He claims that it needs 1ms access to market, ..

Just to response to your new post, yes this is MetaTrader And only backtesting is showed, which proves absolutely nothing. As i said before, he claims that it needs 1ms access to market and blah blah. So to be more specific for those who are are not familiar with MT. The truth is there is NO storage for tick data. The only thing the MT saves is ‘volume’, which is only a number of ticks made by market eg in a minute. Let’s say you are testing on 1M TF ‘based on tick data’, the 1minute candle’s ‘volume’ is 60, MT makes 60 ‘ticks’ but those ‘ticks’ are made from open->high->low->close (if bear candle then low->high). And that’s a real problem. (just imagine an extreme situation eg a news release…) And not mentioning the spread, which could be set to zero while this backtest And that’s exactly the reason why I moved to Matlab


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