Is Russia rigging the market via HFT?

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2015)

Russia crashing the market via HFT crime?

It looks like the bad guys are trying to cause havoc in the US markets through evil HFT programming. I say ha ha ha ha. Good one Alex Jones. Conspiracy theorists rejoice!   I posted a legitimate podcast about this today so check it out here.

Oracle database 2nd attempt Abandoned

Eek! I tried Oracle again but luckily I still have hair. This is one complicated database to set up. As compared to SQL Server or MySQL or similar, they are way easier.
As you know, I’m trying to keep my options open by using non-Microsoft technology. To be honest, that is a near impossibility when you need solid looking charting
that you can only get in Windows. Sorry but that is a reality as Linux is more server based. Check out my story here on Oracle.   Okay, my Quant Premium relaunch has been in effect for a few days. This has been driven do you to oversee students requesting a more affordable option, this is it.
As some may know I have a spreadsheet roadmap as well as a 36 minute video  presenting what is in it. Check it out here.   Lastly, I have been posting many charts on Facebook so thanks to those who have visited. I may put up meat options and surprises on this page so to check it out here.   Thanks for reading your pal Bryan

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