Exact plan for PhD Masters Student for close to instant HFT quant successful gratifications

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2015)

The exact plan for you PhD Masters Student for close to instant HFT and quant gratifications for success

Another highly popular question for all those students who want to get beyond noob. You deserve to be one step above those.

This comes from my Facebook group that just grow and grows and grows. (Thanks for being part of it)!

Secondly i am postgraduate student in international economics and finance.id like to learn things from you.could you give me some advice about how to pay for suscription in quantlabs?
Kind regards


Now sarcastic answers could come out of this but let’s be funny: Do you take partial payment of your soul? How about naming your first born after me?

Specifically: A step by step plan

Enough, let’s be serious for once! I get questions from Master and PhD students constantly about this. So guess what I am gonna do?

I am going reactivate my ‘affordable’ Premium membership for y’all. This is a Treasure Trove of all years of research and experimental posting of EVERYTHING in my Quant Elite. That is geared for well to do folks who can sort of afford price software including pricey Matlab.

Ok. Enough of how wonderful I am. Enter sarcasm here.

This gentlemen asked for an EXACT plan. Guess what? I will provide roadmap to help you, give source code, go crazy.

This is the best way to learn and get up and running pretty well instantly. Don’t say  I don’t love you. I do, I really want you to succesd but you gotta work for it ok? There is a no such thing a push button instant trading platform for that.

Cool. Over and out. Get excited as I will roll out this thing in coming days. OK?

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