When to use Java or C++ in automated trading

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2015)

When to use Java or C++ in automated trading

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Well, if you can help me. So for now, everything is very new. I need open source tools for trade market projects. (tools for stock market), I am newbie I can speak something wrong, please forgive me. I need algorithms to trade market, I need something about low latency. The programming language with better performance is C ++. In a moment you commented on Java, but Java has the garbage collector. Want to comment on this? Thank you for your availability!



Java is easier to code and usually will never need to worry about garbage collection since you most likely won’t have the capital to worry about ultra low latency. As for open-source start with r and r-bloggers for samples within trading

and… more… So I’m also knowing pens, and maybe I’m reading use. I see availability and, if it is easy to install and use the web server. And, as is its use for games. If it is scalable. Now too, I go see about r. thank you!


Java is the most scalable out there with tomcat or jboss as webservers


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