Truth about shoddy trading educators and certificatoion to nowhere. Discussion about your career path vs indie trading

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2015)

Truth about shoddy trading educators and certificatoion to nowhere. Discussion about your career path vs indie trading

Here is another crucial Facebook Messenger conversation I had with someone from overseas. They seem to be misguided by what they read. Most educators are shoddy no different than used car salesmen selling you overpriced trading strategies that will ‘change your life.’ They are selling a dream but only sizzle with no steak. Don’t fall for that crap. This is one other conversation I have to educate on how REALLY it is in terms of learning this automated trading/quant wanabee/ HFT nonsense. They are pretty well either con-artists or theives with a short term vision of collecting money with no long term value in what they do. Some even have the audacity to promise jobs in hedge funds that offer 2% annual rate of return. Honestly, theyse companies no longer exist and the jobs no longer exist. Deal with it, the competition is fierce for these jobs and it gets worst each year!

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what you think about CQF ?

I’m looking for a certificate in quant finance / financial engineering

cqf is pricey

what is your level of schooling


B.Sc. electrical engineering

a cfa would go farther than anything uot there

CFA is not related to QUANT trading

well, are you looking for a job or be self employed?

looking for a job in quant trading

i have come to this




do u have any idea about it ?

Risk Latte – Online Training Section


i don;t think these sort of programs are useful for you

they might not be recognized by industry

same with cqf

you do need a phd or CFA to get anywhere career wise


nothing else

if you are self employed, that is different story

ok , so you think that even CQF will not help me ?

it can help in learning but it is way to pricey in my mind

ok , what about the other option


Risk Latte – Online Training Section


it is only 450 $ ?

it is up to you, i know nothing of them

if you want to learn quantopian is decent

but that is more of a starting point

so ?

so what? i don’t understand

quant latte?


there a now a million of these places that teach

there is a very good metric you can use to see how their visitors are doing

how is that please ?

watch this video i did

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look for sites that use quantcast

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w do

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we do

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you out there

look for sites that allow quantcast measurement, if not run

over 35% of our visitors earn over $100k a we are the only ones who canmake that claim

sir : i will buy yours courses for sure

just a learning a tool

i’m just looking for some QUANT courses

for verification

i see

ok , do u think that CQF will help me to get a job ?

if they are bs or not

not sure

on the cqf guarantee for jobs, there are fewer of them

cause your courses are only for TRADING , not for QUANT in general

oh no we got algo courses and how to use matlab for quant trading

my elite also contains all my notes on khan academy math learning

what about other subjects in QUANT ?

databases? languages? charting?

you name it we got it

i am now moving into futures and options learning

also we do demos from industry every week


Quant Finance

Toronto, ON
1,689 Members

Quant Finance group talking hedge fund, investment, quant analytics, and quant tech development. This includes MatLab, C++, C#/.NET, Java, Excel, VBA, Python, R, etc. I would …

Check out this Meetup Group →

every week there is something live being put out

sir : i’m asking you becuase i’m looking for the best degree / certificate online that will help me to get into quant jobs ?

you name it we got, a true end to end on stop shop for what you are looking for

i would offer certificates to but no one would care about it outside of a phd or cfa

anything else is pooed pooed upon no matter the these cruddy vendors tell you


so only phd / cfa will matter

i think so

i see

check the career sites

you better contribute online to, build brand

that is only way now

the competition is fierce

don’t get sucked into the hype

your choice is to be an indie trader doing all thisquant/hft/automated algo stuff

you know ernie chan?


he started me on this path

he is a friend of mine

he even thanked me in his latest book for some tech choices, you really need to decide if you want to follow his path or get a career in a bank/hedge fund

as said, careers are very very fierce also, i would not be interested in 90 hour work weeks for $15/hr

that will be your reality

most only survive about 2 years in those sweat shops

ok , you said ( your choice is to be an indie trader doing all this quant/hft/automated algo stuff ) : yes it is my dream , how shall i learn that ?

well my site can help, we got a community of a lot of people and it is growing fast

some of my folks do really well

they key is to participate in the weekly meetups

i will be doing ‘trading clubs’ etc

the more they get to know you, they more you engage, the better you will do just for pure learning alone

the weekly meetups are key

you need to constantly show to have people get to know you

some people have gotten decent payng gigs b/c of the networking

this facebook group is proving to be another good source now as well


in summary, you need to put yourself out there

contribute as well


i am here to help people but i don’t do homework for them

go get them tiger

I see

in summary , you think that CQF will not help me much for getting a job ? only CFA will help ?

from my opinion no, i know a few people who did it but are now indie traders with no career goals in a bank

that seems to be the trend

the reason why quantopian and quantstart are growing is b/c old cavemen traders are realizing automated trading is the only way they can stay in the game

python is now proving to be ok but when you want to get serious, you better be a damn good software engineer

i cann’t get your point

it all comes down to you, everyone wants to find the magic bullet

more screens or being a phd make them a better trader

look at all the brokers that got exposed by that recent SNB forex fiasco

2 went bankrupt and 1 got a lifeline

not because of their education that kept them in business

what ?

read my stuff, we are constantly about this but you shall get my point

ok : which programming language you advise me to learn ?

to be a quant trader ?

start with c#

it is easy

or python ?

sure but i struggle with python

most banks only use it for middlewhere

some analysis

java c++ in linux is what you need tfor the big buck jobs

what about matlab / R ?

definitely matlab

r is ok but ernie uses r as well as paul cottrell

sorry ernie primarily uses matlab

so you go figure?

huh : how u compare matlab to java ot c++ or c# ?

you don’t

matlab is where you generate your trading and then drop into a trading platform developed in c++ or java

that is what we will be doing soon

this is the best path for my future as compared to others that i looked at including r and python




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