Technical analysis trading loses money over the long run

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2015)

I put a out a posting on how technical analysis most likely will make you lose money over the long term.


Technical analysis trading loses money over the long run as they predict future pricing behavior on historical prices


As it sits right now I am learning about futures and options trading, it seems many modern-day traders are not using or looking at fundamentals in which I am starting to feel is driving the markets by simple supply and demand. This should hold true for the futures market as well. I mean, were their computers or volatility measurement 30 years ago when futures were traded? How about hundred and 20 prior years before that? Why are modern daytraders slaves to implied volatility and even historical volatility to make trading forcasts.




Sang Lucci video: Two Leading Market Experts to Discuss Maker Taker, Payment for Order Flow, and much more


Somebody sent me a Sang Lucci video on order flow and other market making techniques which impacts your trading negatively.


Seriously, we have no control over these sort of things.




Welcome Alex B our HFT expert to the QuantLabs.net Advisory Team along with Dr Ernie Chan !

I have added a new person to my advisory team who will help guide my future operation in proper trading. I am happy to welcome Alex B as a valuable asset to rely on who knows about high-frequency trading. How do I know? He has worked at multimillion dollar operations and built trading systems that seem to work


Stock Pinning with Trading Options Video Presentation

Another video was sent on a video presentation on the relationship between the pricing of stocks and options. From a newbie’s point of view, you can even view the open interest of a particular stock that does have an option chain.


How do you think my treating analytics system is working now? From what I have seen since Friday when it started running daily, it is an awesome way for me to quickly scan the markets of interest to see where profit potential wise within the American markets. I will say it does not look pretty.




My learning about options in trading has been thus far very I opening. For instance I have added topics including demand for storage in foreign currency trading, euro dollars Japanese yen imparity interest rate examples with the cost of carrying model, Futures price forcasting, technical analysis letdowns, and finally images to prove all these theories. As you could imagine this is what gives me an edge in my future trading that no one else seems to follow? Even my friend Dr. Ernie Chan says he knows of no trader or modern day trader using fundamental as part of their forecasting techniques. Meanwhile back on the ranch, my most successful trader uses it for 60% of his trading decisions. I call that a big Booya! Seriously I will be raising my quad elite rates by 25% in a few weeks all because of what I’m learning.  More rate increases will follow suit a few weeks after that as I figure out how to rapidly build a Daytrading front end with risk management, portfolio optimizatione with open source trade manager and my permanent girlfriend Matlab.



May the force help you in trading.


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