Technical analysis trading loses money over the long run as they predict future pricing behavior on historical prices

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2015)

Technical analysis traders will lose money over the long run because they predict future pricing behavior on historical prices and trading patterns. If you believe in the random walk theory which says the markets are unpredictable, it is no wonder that people especially retail traders or scammed by brokers and educators. As I am learning futures and options trading from a professional trading course taught at the University of California, it is a comical seen when technical chartists will argue they are making money. When you factor in basic economic supply and demand in the markets for pricing behavior, I feel more confident in my trading decisions call. Now the decision is how to automate all the stuff but that is the next big step. Please do not be offended if you are a chartist who believes in historical pricing, but I have talked to many many successful seven digit traders who do not believe in technical analysis. I do believe technical analysis is useful for confirming trading action on a proven training opportunity but I firmly believe you cannot make trading decisions alone from historical trading patterns or charts. Only fools and unprofitable traders will gamble like that no different then any casino. Over and out Bryan

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