Should PYTHON fit in any HFT envioronment? Middleware only like in Citibank? Let me know as I like to be wrong

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2015)

Does PYTHON fit in any HFT envioronment? Middleware only like in Citibank? Let me know as I like to be wrong

I was already wrong on the R side of things.

I got this from some one with all my recent HFT potential postings:

I am looking into Python for the research side of things before going

into production with Java. I am not doing HFT but even so, Python has

several ways of moving code into C/C++ for critical things. If

nanoseconds really matter of course then you won’t have a choice. But

things like numba [8] really make a big difference [9].

Either way I look forward to learning more.

My response is I have only seen one Python project which could be used for middleware between in a C banking environment. He is someone within Citi Bank in India with a parallel group. It seems Erlang can do the same. Java 8 or 9 really puts it back in the game but garbage collection bring jitterness. C is your final pitstop for lowest latency outside of FPGA options. I am confirming all this with numerous insiders I have added over the last few weeks. I really want to finalize my thoughts here soon.



Uknown HFT secret? Erlang uses NIFS with C to deliver trading strategy logic?

This was pointed by an ‘insider’ as something to further investigate. I am wondering how you see the potential of this so comment away



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