Reasons why I turn back on commercial trading platform like this new Trading Technologies X_Trader ADL

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2015)

Reasons why I turn back on commercial trading platform like this new Trading Technologies X_TraderĀ ADL
Is Trading Technologies ADL really going to change things in trading platforms?
This is a platform that will hold you hostage with big monthly payments which most of us cannot afford. Even if I could afford, I still would not want to be held hostage unless I have own and have full control of all aspect of my trading components. That is how I feel about it.
I just got a notice from a follower who asked me about this. There are more platforms out there with competition as fierce as never been seen. Personally, this is a race to the bottom and most are really trying to woo people as much as possible. I never really looked at this but when you have a high quality FREE open source trading platform like Trade Manager or even the older version of Tradelink, I will take those options over any other any others. Sorry but this is why I never got into the game of either software consulting platforms or even selling them. It is a race to nowhere as it becomes a horse race to nowhere.

As for the user, just focus on these platforms I mentioned and you shall be fine. If you are too lazy to custom code your own or hack one of these tools, you will be left behind. Remember those large retail stock brokers, they disappeared for a reason. Many day traders and retail traders are getting killed while it is not getting any easier for them. They are literally fighting for crumbs which I want to have no part of. Sorry. This is why I choose the path I am on.
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