More questions for the HFT insider experts on NOSQL R and GPU CUDA

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2015)

More questions for the HFT insider experts on NOSQL R and GPU CUDA

Of course, I will never publish the answers but hey, these are fun to ask

1. What is your view on a decent fully featured open source Java front end?


2. NOSQL Redis in memory database Videos on cluster and failover for new version
This is a presentation by the founder of this impressive NOSQL true open source solution

Do you think this is more viable to use over something like Erlang since it could be considered more modern?

3. Do you think this is worth looking into as another potential in memory database with Postgres? Based on the info of Redis, would you go with this over all the other options of Erlang? Another high speed open source in memory database option is Postgres with a GPU backend. I find it confusing but I want to verify that Redis is still the more viable option due to it less complicated with somewhat complicated coding of GPU or CUDA

4. Would you think these sort of Redis options with LUA which would put it at the top your choices with for message queue bus, failover, clustering, and in memory database over other options including Erlang or PostGres with CUDA?
Or do you think Couchbase would still be your top pick with HFT potential needs?
Also, there was this interesting demo with ZeroMQ for potential uses with a decent Message Bus

Interesting LUA open source projects where it can be embedded into a running Redis Server session
Only demo use of LUA scripting for a training environment

5. As you hinted at R being ‘fast’, would you think these packages of RCPP or RInside to be embedded into an C++ process? Is this something you would consider for an HFT potential environment?

6. I struggle with a decent front end charting package with C++? Here is an example but it seems QT is the only one.


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