AMAZING Matlab Simulink video tutorials for FPGA deployment C Coder and visual model development

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2015)

I am putting out there what I do think MATLAB is the world’s best way to learn about any type of trading including fundamental or quantitative based. I have compiled various postings to showcase these results.


For instance, if you ever decided to trade at a high-frequency level like HFT, MATLAB Simulink enables you to have rapid deployment into an FPGA, C or C++ source code generated on the fly. That is pretty impressive as there are no other tools that can do this as easily or as effective.




There are other examples available to showcase the capability of code generating MATLAB trading ideas to C or C++.





You could also deploy the same trading ideas quite easily into a powerful open source Java trading platform like Trade Manager.




That is powerful!


In fact when you look at the best way to learn about options trading let’s say, the search results on Google are more popular with MATLAB as compared to R or Python. So you are essentially shortchanging your technical capabilities with inferior languages or tools. Not only will that hold you back but your pace of learning or implementing is slower as well since the community support is far superior with MATLAB. This video drives a point.




So these are enough reasons why banks and hedge funds pretty well only use MATLAB for the highest paying “quant research” jobs out there. As a result, MATLAB becomes the standard in these institutional environments. This is even for their HFT environments. Here is a ‘secretive’ document video that showcases that!





Some people claim they cannot afford MATLAB but did you know there is a Home Edition where you can get the majority of toolboxes for under 1000 bucks? This alone will pay back in spades your investment if you choose to pursue a career path in banks. This is also most useful for those traders who want to become automated independent traders. As a result, I want you to become addicted to MATLAB to unleash your fullest potential in optimizing your trading capabilities. Only MATLAB delivers this so I have decided to slash my entire course set at nearly half price off. There is no real deadline but I may increase the current price with no warning!






Not only that, if you feel you still need to learn from R, you can still get the course set of my original slashed price as well.





So all in all, this is what we call a sweet deal! I hope you get addicted soon like I am so I can advance by trading capabilities with a tool like MATLAB.

Honesly, this is where my future lies


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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