Why not Python/Pandas like AQR capital management does? Why not Cassandra NOSQL database like BlueMountain Capital does?

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2014)

Why not Python or Pandas like AQR capital management does?  Why not Cassandra NOSQL database like BlueMountain Capital does?

Questions about yesterday from a newsletter subscriber:

Why not Python/Pandas like AQR does? See quote by Roni Israelov here: http://pandas.pydata.org/

Or Cassandra like BlueMountain Capital does?
These firms spend millions trying to solve the same problems as you do. There is probably value in the approaches they recommend.
This was from earlier today on:
Oh me oh my so programming languages for automated trading or quant login details for Dec 8 at 7 PM EST
First. Blue Mountatin also focuses on F#:
As for Cassandra, this is a toss up betweeen MongoDB and Reddit. The powers to be easily swing towards MongoDB but still prefer a home grown in memory database solution.
As for Pandas Python and Pypy, I want to use it but will be around in 5 years? Will my scripts stil;l be compatible? Pypy does not give me any confidence but this does not mean a quick death to Python. Believe me, its popular and it has my attention. The question is: How do I deploy it with all these other options?
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