Why not Python nor NOSQL Cassandra? Did Friend make your 5% in 1 day from our first trading alert?

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)
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Why not Pythonn nor NOSQL Cassandra? You make your 5% in 1 day from our first trading alert? Don’t hold US dollars!

SO we got two streams in this email: Technical vs general trading

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Why not Python or Pandas like AQR capital management does?  Why not Cassandra NOSQL database like BlueMountain Capital does?

Questions about yesterday from a newsletter subscriber:

Why not Python/Pandas like AQR does? See quote by Roni Israelov here: http://pandas.pydata.org/

Or Cassandra like BlueMountain Capital does?

These firms spend millions trying to solve the same problems as you do. There is probably value in the approaches they recommend.

Find the answers here:


Watch these videos: Aftermath of a crisis and The Day of the Dollar a 2005 bubble before 2008 financial meltdown burst

All I can say it is interesting on this 2005 meltdown financial mess


You should like the Netherland one which means don’t hold US dollars.  Watch to find out why!!

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More fun times:

Interesting. The stengthening US dollar could be the next financial trigger meltdown

Many debtors including countries have their debt in US dollars. If they do not have US dollar inome, the stregenthing could wipe them out. Makes sense. We proudly accept US Dollars at this point regardless of what you may have watched recently on Youtube. Don’t forget about that growing student debt too which is as bad as the housing mortgage debt

Don’t say we ain’t looking out for you.


We got the bestest community even from the newbies. Check this out:

Slide deck presentation on NOSQL trading database options from a NEW Twitter follower

He just provided me some cool resources so check out his own

Slide deck presentation on NOSQL trading database options from a NEW Twitter follower

He just provided me some cool resources so check out his own


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