Thoughts on Erlang stellar potential while comparing to FSharp and Google Go or even Java

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2014)

Thoughts on Erlang stellar potential while comparing to FSharp and Google Go or even Java

This is an awesome langiage for concurrency, message queueing, and even database potential. It also mission critical as well but would be top contender for within a Linux or UNIX environment.

I want option  integrate with .NET

http://blog.aumcode.com/2013/10/nfx-native-interoperability-of-net-with.html <– no library released yet even up until a couple of weeks ago but has potential

https://github.com/saleyn/otp.net <- Could use this for now but swtiching to NFX could be a pain once the code is written



Note statement: [This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]


Click to access anders_jarleberg_kim_nilsson.rapport.pdf

Note in conclusion: Erlang best for fault tolerance, Java fastest but hard to implement and maintain, F# scales better than Erlang at 4 cores

Why Erlang is used high frequency trading environment? Best message queuing server! Goldman Sachs uses it


Meet Cap-n-Proto who will instantly speed up your trading system via C++ and Erlang



For 2008 a comment of:

In short I’m not trying to pretend that F# concurrency story is anywhere near as good as Erlang’s, but I feel its asynchronous workflows are a small step in the right direction.

It is now late 2014 but let’s see what potential of F#  brings moving forward

UPDATES: (not mentioned in summary video)

http://codeswamp.com/ <— Potentially best site for info on integrating Erlang and .NET

Click to access Erlangfor.NETDevelopersv3.pdf

https://github.com/saleyn/otp.net <– potential .net with Erlang integration

https://github.com/takayuki/Erlang.NET <–unmentioned library for .NET with Erlang but not updated in 5 years

More options:



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An old movie shows use case with a PBX minus the Monty Python cheese factor

A presentation we did with Phil Trefold for finance with F#:

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