Questions I would ask those experienced running a HFT trading operation

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2014)

Questions I would ask those experienced running a HFT trading operation

From what I know so far, this is what I would ask:
1.    What would you view be on an open source C++ HFT trading project like http://www.trading-shim.org/
2.    What is your view on this potential solution to fix weaknesses of Elrang and RDMA

Adventures in HPC: RDMA and Erlang

Provide a solution or workaround satisfactorily?
3. What would your view be on expensive tools like Matlab/Simulink to transfer trading ideas into C++/C via Code Generation? What about the
Simulink Code generation into VHDL for FPGA deployment? Would FPGA still have a solid future here?
4. Do you find Intel’s C compiler is best for tuning?
5. Do you find these open source network monitoring solutions mentioned here to replace Corvil solutions?
6. Is Intel the preferred processor to optimize/tune at the lowest level?
7. Would Fix8 be a decent alternative to use instead of a commercial solution?
8. Do you find Redis would be adequate as a NOSQL solution vs MongoDB (C++) or Cassandra (Java)? Redis has a higher throughput rate?
9. Apache Memcached is mention but is Redis an aadequate substitute?

Got answers, let me know via commenting below. Thanks

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