Python ready? Final architecture walthru of automated trading Linux Windows based system with HFT potential.

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2014)
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Python ready? Final architecture walthru of automated trading Linux Windows based system with HFT potential.

I posted an hour long video that explains evertyhing I learned in the last 5 years

Final architecture walthru of automated trading Linux Windows based system with HFT potential. Hail Python?

This is an important 1 hour video to take away confusion for a trading system. I talk about all the pros and cons of each language including NOSQL vs SQL databases. I hope this covers everything.

The important part is I am looking for feedback on this to help direct where this thing needs to go! So please comment

This will take a while to implement as I need to roll out the different components mentioned in this video

Is C Still Relevant in the 21st Century? I say hell yeah

Serious, read these articles to see the impotance of this language and which systems are written in it

More NOSQL Erlang database options including Riak CouchDB Mnesia. Redis still looks best!!

This is a good resourcebelow  for this comparison:

CouchDB: Best used: For accumulating, occasionally changing data, on which pre-defined queries are to be run. Places where versioning is important.

No good for me

Couchbase looks interesting:

Best used: Any application where low-latency data access, high concurrency support and high availability is a requirement.

For example: Low-latency use-cases like ad targeting or highly-concurrent web apps like online gaming (e.g. Zynga). (200k/second works!) I know some homegrown in memory versions are up 750K/second

Aerospike has no stats here but still waiting from the vendor.

Kyoto Tycoon used for stocks analysis

I do also see Redis is used for: To store real-time stock prices. Real-time analytics. <– This does appear to still be the winner as explained in my video

NOTE: The graph database options may be good for machine learning as in Neo4J. I do think the Goldman Sachs SecDb is built around this technology

All ideas from:

R is the big programming language for 2014. Thank big data

Interesting article about TIOBE. Funny they don’t mention F#?

Thanks for reading

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