Prepping open source Trade Manager link URLs for latest Java 8 JDK MySQL 5.6 Eclipse Luna on Ubuntu Linux

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2014)

Prepping open source Trade Manager link URLs for latest Java 8 JDK MySQL 5.6 Eclipse Luna on Ubuntu Linux

UPDATE: I decided to abandon the Linux version for to attempt installing a Windows version. I kept getting an exception when it tried to build the database during the build.sh (Application bug but I don’t know) See below for Windows Update issues!

There are required for this Trade Manager


IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the entire installation directions before implementing at http://code.google.com/p/trade-manager/wiki/Installation

This works now under Windows!


You could run into priveleges problems!
Latest MySQL 5.6

Install/Upgrade to MySQL 5.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS



To change MYSQL root password


Latest Java JDK 8


Latest Eclipse Luna



Strange errors:

./configure : /bin/sh^M : bad interpreter

How to set JAVA_HOME in Ubuntu Linux:


If you have MYSQL root access problems, try this:


If I use: mysql -u root -p

enter password like hell1o23, it is fine but still cannot connect into mysql with no password set (?)


This works when you need to verify MYSQL root password changes:

mysql -u root -p’hello123′ -e ‘show databases;’


MYSQL is crap now but for Windows, you may come across this:



Don’t forget Interactive Broker TWS demo login info:


  • For Individual Demo
    • User Name: edemo
      Password: demouser
  • For Advisor Demo
    • User Name: fdemo
      Password: demouser


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