Oracle 12c successfully install for my requirements for high speeding trading with message queuing in memory and more features

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2014)
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Oracle 12c successfully install for my requirements for high speeding trading with message queuing in memory and more features

Sepcial NOTE: on installation: The Server install seems to be work ok but the Workstation some wierd permissioning problems for the database when installed.

Successfully and easily installed on my Windows 2012 Server. It is a strange world we live in now that it sort of works. After digging through, Oracle 12c could meet all my requirements.

Why Oracle?

When you read about Liquidnet being used, it got me wanting to try it out.

My REAL reasons why Matlab is important to me thanks to Mr FPGA real time charting and ease of use for FAST quant trading idea generation

Well, boy was I surprised but here is what I found:


Oracle local is faster than TimesTen

In Memory TimesTime database functionality


One terabyte may not sound like a lot, but because TimesTen also provides columnar compression, it’s equivalent to about five terabytes of addressable storage. Because it’s in main memory, the entire data store can be scanned within five seconds, according to Oracle. Additional Exalytics boxes can be added to increase total system capacity.

BTW, I once wrote a time series database which outperformed both TimesTen and Kdb. It supported a SQL-92 syntax. The key to the performance was binding the schema to C++ template based classes, and using memory mapped files. Allowing for on-the-run schema changes is quite expensive, and defining the schema at compile time, data lookups could be retrieved in just a few assembly instructions.

Oracle Advanced Queuing

NOTE that this is all experimental but so far, I can report it seems pretty decent. As compared to SQL Server 2014 default, it seems not much of a memory hog as compared to SQL Server.


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