Here are Questions I would ask those experienced running a HFT trading operation

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2014)

Here are Questions I would ask those experienced running a HFT trading operation

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I have sliced and diced the various components you would need if you were to deploy your own world class High Frequeny Trading (HFT) environment.  These are the exact same metholodgies explained by the VP of High Frequency Engineering at Barclay’s Bank. Here are the listings:

1. Questions I would ask those experienced running a HFT trading operation


2. Erlang from Barclays Bank Go Big video with weaknesses including potential RDMA open source solution


3. Barclays HFT uses with vendor panel including Solarflare and Corvil video: Decent Open source solutions?


4. C++ Secret vendor and open source libraries potentially used for HFT environments thanks to this Barclays Bank presentation video


  1. Need to learn options trading or futures?

Sang Lucci views on options trading and live Youtube video for their Master Class


Also don’t forget:

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Happy New Year!
Thanks Bryan

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