1 hour video! Tony Robbins interviews wealthiest hedge fund founders like Ray Dalio and Vanguard founder

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(Last Updated On: December 9, 2014)

1 hour video! Tony Robbins interviews wealthiest hedge fund founders like Ray Dalio and Vanguard founder

This is very powerful to understand how the BILLIONAIRE legends do so why not automate??

1 hour video! Anthony Robbins interviews wealthiest hedge fund founders like Ray Dalio and Vanguard founder

Wow this is a gem! Watch this hour long video of his bonus material


This server could be very very useful but I will hold off the purchase for now.

Meet the IBM baby beast server for potential high speed automated trading

Pretty neat for $400 with 64 gb RAM with another 128 for $300

Tech specs posted further at


Is Microsoft technologies dead for trading and quant with advancements in R Python and Linux?

I know I know. Why would I say that? Good question but the next couple of weeks are completely exploratory. Talking to people in my webinar tonite lead me to be believe that Python is bigger than we know. Especially for those traders getting tossed out of their jobs from banks. They also recognize they need to learn to automate and program to see competitive in the world of modern day trading. Cave men will whine but let’s get real. In London for instance, there are tonnes of discussion with Python out there in the world of finance. It may have started in USA, but it is spreading. OK, yeh I pooed pooed in the past. Now that I got it up and running like here in Linux.

More details at:


Here is the transcript for Oh me oh my so programming languages for automated trading or quant Meetup

This 2.5 hour video is my membership area so check out:




So the updates have started for both memberships listed above!

Thanks Bryan

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