Sshhhh Is this proof Goldman Sachs Citibank JP Morgan uses Matlab Simulink FPGA for high frequency trading HFT needs

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2014)
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Is this proof Goldman Sachs Citibank JP Morgan uses Matlab Simulink FPGA for high frequency trading HFT needs

So we got this document somewhere online but is  from Mathworks. Get it while you can before we hear from the lawyers

So the question is: Why go the nasty route with all those other cruddy options?

Oh look. Goldman Sachs caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Secret Video recording from Bloomberg

Saw this today on Bloomberg today (Strange it is not headline news)

IBM team claimes in  that CouchDB counters NOSQL MongoDB, I say….

I just got this Tweet from @cloudant over some conversation regarding these topics, this Tweet pointed to

My take is this:

From an environment at IBM that allows foreign fuc*er project managers scream (in an accent in broken English) at local developers during live telecomferences in front of real clients can well, F off. They have no credibility as a standards for  a work environment so I pay no attention but thanks for chiming in here.

On the tech, these NOSQL solutions are fine but have fun maintaining tham as well other sexy tools to bang out your database.

Even my RazorSQL for my Postgres is really good, but nothing still competes between SQL Server Management Studio

Ultimately, have your internal database you own and control regarding source code. Esp if it is too be used exclusively for time series!

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Meetup login details on Breaking Through the Software Performance Wall with OpenCL

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