Should these Linux hacker script kiddie tools scare me off Microsoft Windows?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2014)

Should these Linux hacker script kiddie tools scare me off Microsoft Windows?

For privacy which have no problem with these TOR projects:
Tor mail.org
Tor tails for privacy
Vidalia for private service in the ‘dark net’. Cool! I can now sell drugs, machine guys, and ways to kill of your …. (I should not type that as the NSA is now watching this website as I think this)
Putty for Windows TELNET into Linux


Now the scary stuff for you script kiddies:
Exploitation with Social Engineering Toolkit SET

And now a dedicated Linux distro for you newbies wanting to be a ‘hacker’:

So? Should I be scared and run away from Windows like a scare little girl? I say no. Read this:


I can attest to these experiences listed!!  Kind of makes me feel better I am not alone on this thought

As for security, it seems Microsoft is finally taking very very seriously with Windows Server 2012.

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