Request of tech answers for Apple Mac OSX for Python R Java 8 CPP Erlang Scala, quant trading research and HFT consulting needs

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2014)

Request of tech answers for Apple Mac OSX for Python R Java 8 CPP Erlang Scala, quant trading research  and HFT consulting needs

Thanks to all on Twitter and other social media!

After dropping into a local Apple store, I fell love in again with their hardware and most of all service!!

I played with all the hardware from the latest Macbook to Imacs with the usual mobile devices from Apple. I started thinking about my future with why is everyone on Apple. It reminded why when i was a Mac head addicst 10 years ago.

Also, talking to others in learning about ‘newer’ languages like Scala amd Erlang, you kind of find out why they are gaining in popularity. Also with a recent comment on maybe just maybe, Python maybe eay  to finally install so here are some questions:

Ok enough of that stuff, here are some tech requests:

1a. What is your idea IDE (integrated development environment) for Python ? I like Sypder 2 but found it chokes on package management. Please tell me what you tuse as IDE for Mac OSX

b. Anyone using either Xcode or Eclipse for any languages? Which ones?

2. Is anyone integrating R and Python together for trading operation means (ie. trading execution to brokers)

3. What is your ideal C or C++ IDE for Mac OSX? Code::Blocks anyone?

4. What your ideal IDE for Sclada or Erlang? Anyone using the more recent Java 8?

5. Anyone tying together any of these tech languages component together? Are you using a message queueing library like ZeroMQ? Or do you embed certain engines into something like C++?

Let me know and thanks

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