LIVE Meetup Online: Breaking Through the Software Performance Wall with OpenCL

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2014)

LIVE Meetup Online: Breaking Through the Software Performance Wall with OpenCL

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7:00 PM

GotoMeeting Webinar online


You might not have felt it yet, but the software industry has hit a
software performance wall.  Old applications are unable to push through
it, and quite frankly, they are not going to run any faster with new
hardware because they have not been explicitly designed for it.  Thanks
to the efforts of Khronos, software developers have been given a
battering ram called OpenCL to knock that wall down so that OpenCL
enabled applications can continue to scale with new hardware.  OpenCL is
a standard for parallel heterogeneous computing that makes hardware
vendors compete for your business, and helps your software scale again
for years to come.  It also provides a substantial strategic advantage
to startup companies that leverage it.


“OpenCL offers enormous benefits for the computing community across many
different platforms and markets.   AJ is both a practitioner of
heterogeneous computing and a member of the Khronos OpenCL working group
– and so is perfectly placed to communicate the intricaci



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