Is Pypy being used or is it another dead Python project? Or should I just focus on C or C++ for high speed trading aka HFT development?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2014)
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Is Pypy being used or is it another dead Python project? Or should I just focus on C or C++ for high speed trading ka HFT development?

I love reading stuff like this line:
Psyco is unmaintained and dead. Please look at PyPy for the state-of-the-art in JIT compilers for Python.

I must say, that is not a good start. So I started looking at this PyPy which brought me to:

Ok maybe just maybe.

PyCon UK 2014: PyPy and it’s ecosystem

PyPy : a fast Python Virtual Machine

Then this:

Why Are There So Many Pythons? A Python Implementation Comparison

Honestly, it was big WTF?? WHy are there no so many interpretations of this language. Will it end up like this Pysco?

Then I see these:

Is PyPy Ready For Production? by Mark Rees | PyCon SG 2013

PyPy – is it ready for production?

Uh.. what do you mean is it production ready? Wow, that builds confidence but add this to the mix:

Honestly, who is going to this thing language seriously if this thing has so many options.

I am confused. I need to someone to straighten me out here to know which way to go.

Honestly, when you look at a decent IDE like RStudio which nicely unfies everything in R, maybe Python needs something l;ie this. Hmmm….let’s see. Oh yes, it’s called F#.

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