Fast DOTNET Stock Charting with SciChart v3.2 Pre-Release Release!

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2014)

SciChart v3.2 Pre-Release Release!

A quick update for those of you who are waiting for SciChart v3.2. We are so close!  We just wanted to update you where we are at, and let you download our pre-release release.


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When will the MSI Installer be ready?

We’ve made some enhancements to our Licensing Server to accept manual (offline) activations via email, and process a response semi-automatically. Also to auto-detect proxy for HTTP requests. These need to be thoroughly tested as you can imagine.

We’re aiming to get it done, and packaged and released by the end of the week. We will email via our newsletter once it’s ready.

We’ve prepared a NuGet package for you with v3.2 Enhancements

You can grab a nightly build off our NuGet server right now:

If you have not activated v3.2 yet, this will require Activation with the SciChart Licensing Wizard, available in the v3.2 BETA MSI Installer. If you have, it should just work.

What’s Changed in Build 5424?

v3.2.0.5424 Enhancements

  • NEW! Added Logarithmic Base feature to LogarithmicNumericAxis
  • NEW! Added SelectedRangechanged scroll event for SciChartScrollBar, raised after interactions with scrollbar thumbs (dragging, resizing, programmatic changes)
  • NEW! Added support for RubberBandXyZoomModifier for polar chart. Removed obsolete property FitYAxisOnZoom
  • NEW! Ohlc, Hlc, BoxPlotSeries tooltips to use Axis Formatted Values
  • NEW! Added AnnotationBase.DragDelta event – for an event when a user drag occurs
  • NEW! Added HorizontalLineAnnotation.YDragStep – now supports drag with snap to step
  • NEW! LegendModifier.UpdateLegend, GetSeriesInfo now virtual methods, accessible by derived types

v3.2.0.5424 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Polar chart annotations issue after MouseWheelZoom
  • Fixed issue with tooltip template for Heatmap Series
  • Fixed polar chart ticks get detached (SL only)
  • Fixed broken rollover in Silverlight
  • Fixed crash in ToggleButtonExtensions in the VS Designer in some cases (affected examples)
  • Fixed AnnotationLabels now obey cursor text formatting
  • Fixed bug in NotifyAxesDataRangeChanged where it crashed if SciChartSurface.RenderableSeries collection was null
  • Fixed exception in Logarithmic Axis example in the examples suite
  • Fixed several modifiers throwing NullReferenceException if AxisCollection is null or empty
  • Fixed a bug in Dashed Lines for High Quality Render Surface, where dashes resulted in large gaps in some cases
  • Fixed a crash in StackedMountainsWrapper when using HitTest with DateTimeAxis
  • Fixed default CursorTextFormatting in NumericAxis
  • Several improvements and minor enhancements to Polar Chart series
  • Updated SciChart D3D NuGet package to reference and include D3DX9_43.dll, required if the end-user computer does not have the DirectX Runtime

Examples / Installation Improvements (Coming Soon)

You can’t get these now, as they will be part of the full installer, but when it hits, it will include

  • Improved Activation / Licensing Wizard. Now auto-detects proxy to send HTTP requests behind a proxy. Manual Activation now emails our licensing server for a quick (2 minute) automated response!
  • Improved deployment of DirectX. Included D3DX9_43.dll in the [Install Dir]/Lib/net40/ folder so DirectX works on computers without DirectX Runtime.
  • NEW: Added CustomRenderableSeries example – spline render series – to Examples suite
  • Improvements to several examples in the Examples suite

Where can I get it?

You can download the binaries for v3.2.5424 off our NuGet server, either by referencing via NuGet Package manager, or by just downloading the *.nupkg, renaming to *.zip and extracting it.

If your support is in subscription and you have activated already, you should be able to use it straight away.

Download v3.2.0.5424 From our NuGet Server
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