ATT: Dr Ernie Chan LIVE course on Quantitative Momentum Strategies starts Dec 2

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2014)

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Maximum number of attendees: 6.
Total hours: 12.
Fee: $1,890.
Dates and times: December 2, 3, 4, 5:30-9:30 pm ET.

 Total hours: 12.

Course outline:

1. Causes of momentum

a. Persistence of futures roll returns.

b. Slow diffusion of news.

c. Forced sales and purchases by funds.

d. HFT market manipulation.

2. Tutorial to MATLAB

a. Quick survey of syntax.

b. Exercises: building some utilities useful for trading and plotting simple graphs.

c. Using toolboxes

3. Roll returns as driver of momentum

a. Backwardation vs. contango.

i. Exercise: Estimating spot and roll returns.

b. Time-series vs cross-sectional momentum.

c. Arbitrage between future and spot returns.

i. The case of VX-ES.

d. Statistical tests for time-series momentum.

e. Example futures time-series momentum strategy.

i. Indicators for TS momentum.

f. Example futures cross-sectional momentum strategy.

g. Example stock cross-sectional momentum strategy.

i. Indicators for CS momentum.

ii. News sentiment.

h. The phenomenon of “Momentum Crashes”.

i. The S&P DTI index.

4. Event-driven momentum

a. PEAD strategy.

i. The shortening of momentum horizon.

b. Other momentum-inducing events.

i. Research from Ravenpack on corporate events.

ii. Macro-economic events.

5. Forced sales and purchases due to funds

a. Hedge funds.

b. Mutual funds.

i. Example strategy using Pressure indicator.

c. Index funds.

d. Levered ETFs.

i. Example strategy.

6. High frequency momentum strategies

a. Ratio trade

b. Ticking.

c. Flipping.

d. Stop hunting.

e. Order flow.

7. Exit Strategies

8. Advantages and disadvantages of momentum strategies.


Registration link




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