Why did my friend lose 1 million dollars cash this year thanks to Brazil? The HUGE Lesson learned

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2014)

Why did my friend lose 1 million dollars cash this year thanks to Brazil? The HUGE Lesson learned

I don’t think he applied the logic below but he was an experience pro day trader. This is his second HUGE losing trade.

First, learn when to cut losing trades fast but I wrote about that before! But read this to understand awhy very few people talk about it.

The last step of this trading system is up on me. Money allocation management for each pair trade

This is the last step to the whole puzzle I am working on. It is also the last piece but 1 needs to understand how much to allocate to each trade on the long and short. It depends on the market view, risk tolerance, and the beta of stock performance against your total portfolio. There are a number of factors that need to be considered including the market sensitivity you are trading. Your trade could easily become capital hungry which can lead you down the wrong path of losing. LOSING BIG TIME!

He was also tied emotionally to the trade that destroyed but thanks to automated trading, that should never happen since it calculates based on data and programming logic.


Be on the look out for a new video on this topic with software scripts that will take care of each position put on with risk tolerance built in to allocate the proper weight to each new trader. My new Quant Elite service will get unique content on this!

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