Past vendor Trading Systems Lab claims machine learning works, what do you say? Join our LIVE Meetup for proof

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2014)

Past vendor Trading SYstems Lab claims machine learning works, what do you say? Join our LIVE Meetup for proof

Here is a popular vendor to state their case:

I hope they show at our Meetup Nov 17 to more evidence of live machine learning with profitable trading.

As for me, I mean a past vendor that has presented to our group via Meetup. Our past Meetup on this


UPDATES! From Trading Systems Lab.

Please correct the name: Trading System Lab.

Are you going to the Las Vegas Traders Expo in Nov?

PS: There are plenty of funds who are on the pro ML side of the game.

Note: At Futures Truth we are being told that TSL is the only ML
package that generated systems that are tracked by them and we are rated #1. 
There are a lot more traders out there who can start to use this package.

Pow wow: Does machine learning for trading really work?



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