NOtes on Investing Ideas for a Challenging Market from Investor’s Business Daily Meetup Toronto

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2014)

NOtes on Investing Ideas for a Challenging Market  from Investor’s Business Daily Meetup Toronto

Sorry for any bad typing but I am sure you will get the idea:

Investors business digest
Apply trailing  stop to stop loss
Limit stop order broker execute a limit ar predetermined limit order

Trailing stop allows asset to go up but stop order stops at stop order.
No claims of pricing matching manipulation.

Stop orders do not protect you as in flash crash

Risk management protective out option. Hedging strategy. Longer expiry has higher price
Covered calls in options

U may want low volatility etfs in l
todays market.

Finviz.com screener
He looks for 5:1 risk reward win ratio
Follows trends
Uses regression line for current downtrend

Current inflow and outflow within sector flows

Russell is small cap snp is large cap
#1 goal is preserve capital
Correlation for investment  find negative correlation against another security. Eg gold vs us dollar

Tools used: complex listed first

Short selling, put option, inverse etf
Inverse etf is not long term hold


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