I present my PostGres SQL statement to build your Position table for automated trading needs

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2014)

I present my PostGres SQL statement to build your Position table for automated trading needs

I have included for this which is used by PostGres. I also included a sample insert SQL statement as well.

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CREATE TABLE test.positions
(idx int4,
shortsymbol varchar(15),
shortentrytimestamp numeric(25),
shortentrytimestr varchar(25),
shortentryprice money,
shortstoplossper numeric(25,5),
shortupstop money,
shortlowstop money,
shortsofttargperc numeric(25,5),
shortuptarget money,
shortlowtarget money,
longsymbol varchar(15),
longentrytimestamp numeric(25),
longentrytimestr varchar(25),
longentryprice money,
longstoplossper numeric(25,5),
longupstop money,
longlowstop money,
longsofttargperc numeric(25,5),
longuptarget money,
longlowtarget money,
shortexittimestamp numeric(25),
shortexittimestr varchar(25),
shortexitprice money,
longexittimestamp numeric(25),
longexittimestr varchar(25),
longexitprice money




INSERT INTO test.test.positions
    (idx, shortsymbol, shortentrytimestamp, shortentrytimestr, shortentryprice, shortstoplossper, shortupstop, shortlowstop, shortsofttargperc, shortuptarget, shortlowtarget, longsymbol, longentrytimestamp, longentrytimestr, longentryprice, longstoplossper, longupstop, longlowstop, longsofttargperc, longuptarget, longlowtarget, shortexittimestamp, shortexittimestr, shortexitprice, longexittimestamp, longexittimestr, longexitprice)
    (1, ‘F’, 73589, ’16-Oct-2014 15:38:25′, ‘1’, 0.1, ‘1.1’, ‘0.9’, 0.3, ‘1.3’, ‘0.7’, ‘GM’, 73589, ’16-Oct-2014 15:38:25′, ‘1’, 1, ‘1’, ‘1’, 1, ‘1’, ‘1’, 73589, ’16-Oct-2014 15:38:25′, ‘1.2’, 73589, ’16-Oct-2014 15:38:25′, ‘1.3’)

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