An open letter to all leeches, freetards and BULL SHI**ERS of the world who want FREE quant trading and HFT

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(Last Updated On: October 22, 2014)

An open letter to all leeches, freetards and BULL SHI**ERS of the world who want FREE quant trading and HFT

The easy path to weatlh via FREE learning in quant and HFT is meaningless. It also does not exist!

You are either being lied to, manipulated, or pretty well lazy or ignorant.

Sorry to bring you the bad news……Anyhooo…..

Thankfully, this only goes out to the small minority. To anyone who feels they are owed by the world or who are self absorbed they should go places with little effort should take notice.

Leeches and lazy bull shi**ers are probably the biggest part of this business I absolutely detest. One reason I get along with some highly successful people is that we will call out anyone who gets close into our personal inner circle. Many have tried but fail. Do not ask personal questions on what this is worth, how much we make, or how we do this to prove success. If want to do that, we could easily Photoshop ourselves to fake lifestyle of Ferraris, mansions, private jets, and twenty something pretty little girls. If you are looking for bozos like that, I highly recommend: or

Don’t forget that programmers can easily bring down any clown’s lifestyle in a matter of days.

As for me:

My credibility of the 700+ Youtube videos and literally 1000+ in most major social outlets, thousands in my newsletter email list, and hundreds of daily site visitors alone is enough to show what I do. I am pretty serious at what I do and most of all I am driven. This is the key to any successful path in life. This is a total journey of blogging in self taught learning about trading, software development, and most of all trying to solve math challenges. I like spreading positive karma but I also resent those who are either selfish or are too ignorant to connect the dots of what I do. I will gladly take anyone to task who may want to challenge on what I do but I have also learned to ignore people. It may even to be your benefit in the end. Of course, there are those who have to big of an ego to either change in their life or stick with the tunnel vision way of failure.

Either way, thanks for coming here and nice doing business with you. May the force be with you. But yet, choose well my friends, choose well.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble out there,


P.S. Don’t talk behind people’s backs, go against the trust earned,  or even doubt cpabilities. Pick your battles carefully and show loyalty to those who you want help from otherwise you will lose all respect and credibility.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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