Will OpenGL and Qt with C++ lead the way for next generation 3D surface plot charting in heavy quant trading platform or HFT environment ?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2014)
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Will OpenGL and Qt with C++ and Python lead the way for next generation 3D surface plot charting in heavy quant trading platform or HFT environment ?

I dare you do any search on yYoutube to tsee the ese libraries techniques. I aare you do any search to see how flawless the redering capabilities are as well as the the ingegious touch capaibilities. Who knew these were so entrenched in gaming and mobile platforms especially Android and now Tizen (Samsung OS choice). It is quite incredible but it really has advanced in the last year of 2013. These advanced videos dates posted reflect this. So…it brings me to the conclusion that this could be the choice of future devrelopment for highly advanced trading systems with a 3d effect. I think  this will be the resting spot with the exception of how Microsoft progresses in the future. Knowing Satya Nadella will most likely integrate these libraries into future core eidtions of .NET and Windows. Hey, Apple for IOS and OSX supports it. Check out the videos but most of all it is somewhat tue open source but I hope I don’t come across these about in my currrent view of my recent experience  with open source..

My experience with Python is a complete mess with all these IDEs and how to confusion with no set standard. I really hope it matures. There is also

This is why R blows donkey balls with integration between 3.1.1 and MYSQL packages. Good one! Hello Python???

Linux with all these languages and C++ could have a a real future with advancement of  these hot libraries. It will greatly impact your future development in trading. Let me know what you think.

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