We do live in a Python world but…do other languages have a better future? i.e. DotNET F Sharp

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2014)

We do live in a Python world but…do other languages have a better future? i.e. DotNET F Sharp

Here is an interesting article:


but some highlights:

However, demand for Python programmers still lags well behind demand for those who know JavaScript, C# and Java, and slightly behind PHP.

No matter how you slice it, all signs point to Python and its developers being in increasing demand. This all just goes to show that Python isn’t just an excellent programming language for beginners, it’s a also a solid choice for seasoned programmers who want to remain in demand.


You should know my view of it after my 5 hours of trying to configure it for advanced modules. Just search on this blog.



This comparison seems right:

doubt you’ll learn much of value from Python. It’s a dynamically typed OO language with pleasantly lightweight syntax. Other than giving you even less protection (and speed) than you’d get from C#, you’ll be writing the same programs, just in a slightly different dialect.

F# is a different beast altogether. It has a rich, statically checked, polymorphic, algebraic type system. It is mostly functional, which means it strongly encourages you to program declaratively and avoid side effects (such as assignment) wherever possible. This has several benefits:

  • the compiler will catch many more errors than you’ll be used to;
  • your programs will be much shorter;
  • your programs will work first time (once the compiler has wrung out all the bugs it can find) about nine times out of ten, in my experience;
  • the compiler can typically generate much, much better code.

I usually reckon it takes an imperative programmer about a month to rotate their thinking into the functional style. The downside is that after you make the adjustment, the programming mainstream just feels rather primitive and awkward.

Go for it, it’s eye-opening.


This also highlights the difference:


I am sure if this viwe is still valid as F# has changed a lot:

#2 difference: http://rvprasad.tumblr.com/post/40026359408/my-experience-with-f-groovy-and-python

Either way, I got stuff done faster with F# vs the headaches Python brings.

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