This Deutsche Bank FX strategy is back on the ice, time to start the next system project which is this …

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2014)


This Deutsche Bank FX (forex) strategy is going back on the ice, time to start the next system project which is…

This is a tough strategy to piece together where I am just spinning my wheels. For now, I decided to put it back on ice until I get more advanced with it. There are too many far reaching concepts which are pretty advanced for me to code up. So I will now focus on the next project which is about in thie video I did a week or so ago.

It will all be done in Matlab, Excel, and most likely a simple database tol hold the data. This is a passive system so speed is not critical but tis project will lay down a nice foundation of all aspects of trading.

I need to start focusing on simpler stuff now.

I have video posted on this new system and what it will containSee more here at: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2014/09/this-deutsche-bank-fx-strategy-is-going-back-on-the-ice-time-to-start-the-next-system-project-which-is/#sthash.jWXSaawI.dpuf

Thanks Bryan

P.S. Interested in taking on this Detuche Bank FX strategy? Get in touch if so

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