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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2014)

I just responded one of my newsletter subscribers like you:

I have responded to this person. Honestly, it is people like this that drive me  to be better at what I try to do so thanks to him and others like yourself who read this. You do get negative boneheads at the same time who just gloss over what I do. ….

Hi Good Day Bryan

Bryan I am not sucking up to you, but your work is amazing !!! you are like a “Robin Hood” for retail trader…

Oh thanks. No need to ‘suck up’ as I just like to help.

This is my call!!

I read through every newsletters you send, I have bought few open source trading platform  which I could not go no were to install and up and running

NO worries as I blog about everything I do regardless if it is good or bad. I am just honest where sometime it can get nasty. Everything does not get emailed but you can follow at https://quantlabs.net/blog/sitemap.xml

As for this last email about creating the fundamental  data converted into trading signals , I came across this” Raven pack indictor “ I have not tried it nor
affiliation with them, will this be similar to what you want to do? Get fundamental signal through Matlab and directly trade with  IB-MATLAB ?

I know of this Ravenpack but these get expensive which is why I like IQFeed since it is the best quality service and the most affordable for us mortals. I have also worked with IB-Matlab but you can trade directly out of Matlab with http://www.mathworks.com/help/trading/ibtws.html using the Matlab Trading Toolbox. In my opinion, this is NOT the best way but my courses offer better ways via http://quantlabs.net/academy/buy-our-custom-trading-platform-course-with-source-code/.  I need to remind everyone this includes source code! 

I am retail trader with limited Programming experience , hence I have done 3day matlab basic training and I am gaining confidence in matlab

Matlab is the easiest thing to work with. Honestly, I had enough problems with R and Python where I am removing both tools from my recently installed Windows 8.1 environment.
I am keen to become a Elite subscriber soon I hope all the help and support for me to become a successful trader!!
Without the support of these people, I would not advance as far and as fast. I am always grateful to those who support what I do.

Thanking for your time….See more

As we talked about, you could always join my Quant ELITE service here

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