How to install verify and list all Python modules using pip package manager

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2014)

How to install verify and list all Python modules using pip package manager

Wow I wish there was an easier way like through a GUI but that is why I like my IDEs but I do think this is installed as patr of the IDEs I use. Ugh.

This seems to work with what I type below but note I am not using this Cygwin Linux like stuff.

See below before running installer EXEs from this site!
Note: i am using Windows 8.1

To install Numpy and Vispy, use the installers for Windows with proper configuration (I use Python 2.7 64 bit versions)
which refers you to

Run the proper EXE installers

Also, to run PIP use http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4750806/how-to-install-pip-on-windows


To install or upgrade pip, securely download get-pip.py. [1]

Then run the following (which may require administrator access):

python get-pip.py

Hooray, this works off the Windows Command Prompt.

As for install of various packages, this link raises the hair behind my neck

Wow! What crap this thing is at this current state!

As per this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2436731/does-python-have-a-package-module-management-system
On the Windows Command Prompt, this appears to work: pip install httpie
***Do not run within the Python interpreter at all.

As in:

C:\Users\Bryan\Documents\Python Scripts\vispy-master>pip install httpie
Downloading/unpacking httpie
Requirement already satisfied (use –upgrade to upgrade): Pygments>=1.5 in c:\us
ers\bryan\appdata\local\enthought\canopy\user\lib\site-packages (from httpie)
Requirement already satisfied (use –upgrade to upgrade): requests>=2.0.0 in c:\
users\bryan\appdata\local\enthought\canopy\user\lib\site-packages (from httpie)
Installing collected packages: httpie
Successfully installed httpie
Cleaning up…

I tried: pip install numpy
which seemed to run ok.

same withL pip install pandas

It returns a message ‘Requirement already statisfied.’

Same with: pip install matplotlib

I am on to something with luck in mind??? Evehelpn succesful with: pip install vispy

Just to verify that things were not just luck, I tried: pip install vsds
I got red messages that it could not satisfy the requirement so it seems to work ok

Were these because of the installer EXEs I ran from http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#numpy

To list all the modules with the help of http://blog.revathskumar.com/2011/10/python-list-all-packages-installed.html
I revealed that all fo them using: pip freeze

I could even verify this works:
You can use help function in python to get the list of modules installed. Get into python prompt and type the following command.



ALso, note:

I tried all the above and nothing worked for me.

This solved all my problems.

pip install -U numpy

pip install -U scipy


From http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2213551/installing-scipy-with-pip

Holy..am I a Python expert now?

Note: I tried one of the Python scripts for vispy but could not go anywhere, http://vispy.org/examples/basics/scene/surface_plot.html
WTF? So I am trying Anaconda IDE from http://continuum.io/downloads

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