Do you think this the easiest way to calculate Implied Volatility with Excel with FREE Yahoo Finance data?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2014)

A couple of things list to summarize where I am at. I posted this recently:

Is this the easiest way to calculate Implied Volatility with Excel?See more 

Simple yes, but hard to implement as there are few examples of this actually programmed. It is due to less faith in IV for forecasting I believe. I think it is fine for long term horizon vs intraday trading. I posed this for my members:

Forward looking implied volatility with Excel add in and Matlab script for Yahoo Finance option chain data See more


It includes a full 30 minute walkthrough video with my most up to date Excel spreadsheet with an implied volatility calculation.

This is basic stuff but man, this new system will really change my view on profitable LONG TERM trading but I am working on this system with this new attitude. I am not saying it will guarantee profit, but it will have highly advanced ways to setting parameters to keep you profitable or at least reduce your risk of the downside with open positions. ¬†I don’t think you will get this kind of system anywhere else.

Anyhow, I will detail this further in tomorrow’s email especially my view on this IV thing.

As result, if you are interested in seeing my postings on this in the backend as I my members do, consider joining by going here. I cannot implore the many benefits listed which of course you get source code!

Lastly, this video you may not have seen which reflects my view of this new attitude I got towards trading. Watch this video here:
So what i use for technical analysis with Excel and free Yahoo Finance dataSee more

I hope this really gets you excited as I am to develop it.



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