Congrats! Open Source language MAJOR #FAIL with hell of install of working with Python and R. UGH!

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2014)

Congrats! Open Source language MAJOR  #FAIL with hell of install of configuring with Python and R. UGH! Hello Microsoft DotNET?

Despite my sort of further experiments in both languages. I have failed. What horrid mess both are, As for the false hope of Python  with Anaconda, it showed some promise but when you see messages like:

If MySQLdb’s now distributed in a way that requires setuptools, your choices are either to download the latter (e.g. from here) or refactor MySQLdb’s setup.py to bypass setuptools (maybe just importing setup and Extension from plain distutils instead might work, but you may also need to edit some of the setup_*.py files in the same directory).

Depending on how your site’s Python installation is configured, installing extensions for your own individual use without requiring sysadm rights may be hard, but it’s never truly impossible if you have shell access. You’ll need to tweak your Python’s sys.path to start with a directory of your own that’s your personal equivalent of the system-wide site pacages directory, e.g. by setting PYTHONPATH persistently in your own environment, and then manually place in said personal directory what normal installs would normally place in site-packages (and/or subdirectories thereof).



I resolved this issue on centos5.4 by running the following command to install setuptools



this was sort of tricky for me too, I did the following



I am experiencing the same problem right now.


I still don’t know how to install MySQLdb module or Quandl. I will give RStudio credit, it has an excellent package manager where you don’t need to do this wonky crap on the command line. I gave up.

But it seems so easy on Linux. Well, I am Windows so I crawl back to all .NET and Excel and Matlab.

I tried but seriously, I think I would rather bang my head against the wall in peace. I don’t have time to waste on stuff like this. It looked promising but tossed it after than I patience could handle. It was not a good start or shall I say? Reset.


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