Why I prefer DOTNET FSharp over something like Scala, I dug into this further for more convincing myself

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(Last Updated On: August 7, 2014)


After yet again explaining why I prefer DOTNET FSharp  over something like Scala, I dug into this further for more convincing myself


Despite not being an expert here, Scala is a no go due to the botchery Oracle has decided to put the latest iterations of Java thru. The JVM is one horrid security breach I would never want to run!


I also addressed this is in a Skype session:


f# has a lot of momentum

i have used java for 8 years


[5:24:29 PM] Bryan Downing: it is old data garbage where java 8 is desparately trying to catch up to the .net innovations

[5:24:56 PM] Bryan Downing: sorry, just my POV but from a tech point, i will experiment with python is coming weeks but i am not holding my breath

[5:25:02 PM] Bryan Downing: scala is good believe it is good


As for the links above, F# is dead simple to set up with Visual Studio. I even tried it where I was impressed. When you deal with setting up something like Scala within Eclipse, I would rather burn myself and run around professing my love  for Anton Kreil’s high quality master class in learning how to be a better trader. Hack hack.


Anyhooo..read the comments in the link below.. Save yourself some time and headache.

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Keep the faith!



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