Is MATLAB still king for quant trading analysis over Python R or DOTNET FSharp

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2014)

Is MATLAB still king for quant trading analysis over Python R or DOTNET FSharp

These are the links of the video at the bottom of this posting

R quantmod


Python Charting:







1. Mupad (could be more sophisticated that IPython)

2. Simulink visual coding blocks with inflow, outflow, Stateflow, and Code Generation to C/C++/HDL for FPGA

3. Production Server –> Apache Server like

4. Easy distributed computing server

5. Coder -> C or C++

6. Extend to Excel, Java, or .NET with Builder toolboxes




F# with agent programming and parallel out of box

Nice integration with SQL Server and Excel

F# data science -> Azure cloud ->SQL Server -> R


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