How does someone in Canada do profitable automated trading as a quant with even potential HFT in mind?

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2014)

How does someone in  Canada do profitable automated trading as a quant with even potential HFT in mind?

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Thanks for asking but let me know if you got further questions
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> I want to subscribe to your elite training program but I have my
> concerns if I will be able to set up a trading platform while living
> in Quebec. To the best of my knowledge many brokers do not provide
> service for Canada and especially for Quebec. So is Quebec residence a
> problem for me?

–> No, being in Canada as a whole is a problem for automated trading. This is why I am using Interactive Brokers but I am looking at Oanda (based here in Toronto) for forex as they have changed their API in the last few months. I will investige that in coming weeks. What is your primary asset you want to trade? Forex? Stock? etc

> Also, is $499 for the first month is enough to start up? Do I have to
> continue with $97 per month or I can cancel? I need time to digest the
> package for $499 and then see were I go from there.
–> You can cancel anytime you want? YOu can consume as much as you want in the first month and even download software samples. It  just really depends on your motivation and consumption intake level

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